The module "Picture Frames" provides functionality to generate picture frames for a selected set of accessories, which, besides the name of the accessories, also contain their description and price. The generated picture frames can be used for display in an in-store TV or a digital photo frame.


Table of Contents


General Description

1 Model Selection

2 Categories

3 Search

4 Selection Field

Here, the possibility is given to simultaneously select or deselect multiple accessories.

5 Accessories List

6 Preview

7 Generation Menu

Here, the current selection can be displayed and the picture frames with the desired format can be generated. Furthermore, buttons for the download and preview of the generated picture frame gallery are available. The field "Permalink" contains the public link to the picture frame gallery.

8 Picture Frames Archive

Here, the already generated picture frames can be managed.

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Model Selection
    First, select in the left-hand menu the desired model. To specify the model more precisely, related model attributes (e.g. fuel type, variant, TAPV, ...) can be additionally selected. The left-hand menu corresponds to the menu, which can also be found in the "Acessories" menu.

  2. Accessories Selection
    Select within the displayed categories the accessories, for which the picture frames should be generated. For this purpose, first click on the desired category and after that on the desired accessory in the list. To deselect an already selected accessory click on it again. Selected accessories are highlighted with a green background colour and a checked box on the right-hand side of the list. At most 50 accessories can be selected at the same time.


    When hovering with the mouse over an accessory in the list,  a preview of the of the picture frame is displayed in the right-hand "Preview" menu.

    Above the accessories list a selection field "Action" is provided, which enables to simultaneously select or deselect multiple accessories.

    The current number of selected accessories is shown in the right-hand menu "Generation" . If clicking on "Show" on the right side of the number. the current selection will be displayed.

  3. Format Selection
    Select in the right-hand menu "Generation" the desired format, which is either the format "4:3" (standard format) or "16:9" (widescreen format).

  4. Generation
    Click on the button "Generate Picture Frames". The picture frames are now generated.

  5. Preview, Share and Download
    The generated picture frame gallery can now be displayed with a click on the button "Gallery Preview". With a click on the button "Download", the gallery can be downloaded. The field "Permalink" contains a publicly accessible link to the generated gallery. It can be e.g. be opened in the in-store TV or shared in social networks.


Picture frames can only be generated for single models. Once the model or one of its related attributes (e.g. fuel type, variant, TAPV, ...) is changed, a new selection has to be made.

For some models specific accessories are already preselected by the manufacturer. These are e.g. specially advertised accessories.

Picture Frames Archive

The picture frames archive provides functionality to manage already generated picture frames.

  • Open the Archive
    In order to open the picture frames archive, click on the button "Picture Frames Archive", which is located in the right-hand menu "Archive". A new window opens, which lists all generated picture frame galleries ordered by date.
  • Download
    With a click on the "Download" button of a listed gallery, a ZIP file is downloaded which contains all picture frames of the gallery.

  • Gallery Preview
    With a click on the "Gallery" button, the gallery preview is opened. The opened link corresponds to the publicly accessible link, which can be used e.g. in the in-store TV or in a digital photo frame.

  • Deletion
    To delete already generated galleries, first mark the to-be-deleted galleries by clicking on them in the list. Subsequently, click on the button "Delete selected" in order to confirm the deletion.