In the dashboard they have different views to display important information


Under Current you will find all current offers that you have created at the moment. By default, the offers of the current week are always displayed, but you can customize the display of offers by the filter function.

You can filter the offers by customer, number plate, VIN or after the period and confirm this filtering with the filter button.

In addition, they can also import orders from the DMS to the MPO. To do this, select the appropriate period you want to import and confirm with the synchronization button.

Afterwards MPO imports the orders from the DMS into the MPO and displays them on the dashboard.

Due potentials:

Here you can see all current potentials that are due. You can filter here to VIN or a certain date if you only want certain potentials bekomemn displayed and then confirm that with the filter button.

You can also edit or delete the potentials here or synchronize them with the DMS.

News & Updates:

On the news and updates page you will have an overview of all current changes made in the program and you will have an overview of current Renault actions.

Support Note:

Here is an overview of how to best reach us if you have questions or problems with the program.