These instructions will explain how to set global print options, i.e. for every print job of every user of the car dealership, and how to set temporary print options, i.e. for only one print job.

Global print settings

Select “Menu” - “Settings”


Open the menu "Print Options" by following "Menu" > "Settings" > "General" > "Print options".

The settings selected here will be applied globally for all print jobs of every user just like the master data.

                                   In order to apply changes please click the "Update" button.

Temporary print settings

While making an offer click on the "Print" button to create a print review.

Please choose the tab "Print Options" in the print review to set the print options for this job only. The preset options are identical with those in the global setting, they will not be saved, however, which means they are only applied temporarily.

Important note:

Changes will not be saved and after completing the print job they will be reset to those in the global settings.

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