Why fixed prices?

Fixed prices are prices independent from the vehicle type which apply to a certain service offer. They refer to a determined cluster like "Clio IV up to a cubic capacity of 1,5l" or "Laguna III up to 2,0l". The price of a service operation does not need to be calculated in dependence of the prices of works and parts which are charged for a certain vehicle type (TAPV), but can be determined equally for all the vehicles which belong to a certain cluster. For example a fixed prices applies equally to a diesel and a gasoline-powered vehicle.

The fixed prices are not dictated centrally, but can be defined by each dealer individually. Especially for advertising purposes or special offers it is worth fixing a price valid independently of the characteristics of a vehicle type.

Before you can have fixed prices at your disposal while creating an offer, you have to carry out a calculation of desired fixed prices in the module (http://mpo-live.cpl-web.de/fpp/). Please follow the instructions how to calculate fixed prices.

Furthermore you can find assistance how to administrate your fixed prices and how to print lists of fixed prices.

Fixed prices are only available for the most common models (determined by cubic capacity) and the most common services.

Here you can find the clusters for Renault

  • Captur up to (and including) 1,5l
  • Clio I up to 1,4l
  • Clio II up to 1,4l
  • Clio III up to 1,5l
  • Clio IV up to 1.5l
  • Espace III up to 2,2l
  • Espace IV up to 2,2l
  • Espace V up to. 1,6l
  • Fluence up to 2,0l
  • Kadjar up to 1,6l
  • Kangoo I up to 1,6l
  • Kangoo II up to 1,6l
  • Koleos I up to 2,0l
  • Koleos II up to 2,0l
  • Laguna I up to 2,0l
  • Laguna II up to 2,0l
  • Laguna III up to 2,0l
  • Latitude up to 2,0l
  • Master II up to 2,5l
  • Master III up to 2,3l
  • Mégane I up to. 1,6l
  • Mégane II up to. 1,9l
  • Mégane III up to 1,9l
  • Mégane IV up to 1,9l
  • Modus up to 1,6l
  • Scénic II up to 2,0l
  • Scénic III up to 2,0l
  • Scénic IV up to 2,0l
  • Talisman up to 1,6l
  • Trafic II up to 2,5l
  • Trafic III up to 1,6l
  • Twingo I up to 1,2l
  • Twingo II up to 1,5l
  • Twingo III up to 1,5l
  • Twizy
  • Wind up to 1,5l
  • Zoé

Here you can find the clusters for Dacia :

  • Dokker up to 1,6l
  • Duster I up to 1,6l
  • Duster II up to 1,6l
  • Lodgy up to 1,6l
  • Logan up to 1,6l
  • Logan II up to 1,6l
  • Sandero up to 1,6l
  • Sandero II up to 1,6l

You can use the extra module "Statistics" to see how many offers based on fixed prices were completed.

Simple transfer of quotations from MPO via an interface:

Interface available for:

  • ASC C/A/R/E
  • Cardis EuroPlus
  • Cardis Formel 1 and Formel 1 Evolution
  • CDK Dracar+
  • Betzemeier WerWiSo
  • Attribut KFZPilot
  • Locosoft DMS
  • Esteam Carass
  • MEC KFZMeister
  • Procar Ecaros
  • Vector CDP
  • Weissblau KFZPaket

You can find information about the interface at Renault.net:
Home > Service > Service promotions and concepts > fixed prices