Settings : Enter CPL path in the default settings in EWL:


Proceed as follows:


Open the EWL program and select the default settings

Enter the following into the line CPL path:


Steps to import data from Nissan EWL to CPL MPO



This only works with Internet Explorer. Please make sure that Internet Explorer is set as your standard browser if you want to use this function.

Login to MPO.
Select the customer.

Edit data in EWL.

Print data from EWL.

After printing click YES when requesting to open CPL.

Internet Explorer will ask you if the clipboard may be used.

Confirm by permitting to access the clipboard.

The quotations will be selected in MPO and placed in the shopping cart.

List of steps:

Step 1 Open MPO

Step 2 Find customer

Step 3 (Transfer DMS data to EWL)

Step 4 Find EWL maintenance

Step 5 Print EWL

Step 6 Confirm Open CPL with “YES”

Step 7 Data will be displayed in MPO.

Step 8 Transfer quotations to the shopping cart.