Dacia maintenance costs way too much, working hours for Dacia maintenance are much too high.


 This is usually due to the fact that in the menu "Service Prices" there is too much value in the field "WertMobi".


  1. Go to the menu "Service Prices". ("Settings" > "Service" > "Service Prices")

2. Change the value "WertMobi" in the table "Special Labor". The "WertMobi" field controls the mobility guarantee for Dacia.

Whereas the surcharge in the windows version of CPL was still inserted as an amount in Euro, now the surcharge is inserted in hours. So if you enter the value 0,3, the price of 0,3 hours "Mechanic - normal (M0) is added, i.e. 30% of the entered hourly rate of "Mechanic - normal (M0)".


In most cases, a value of 0.3 for the field "ValueMobi" has proven itself.

                        3. Press on the "Update" button to save changes.