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On this page you will be acquainted with the first steps of the configuration of the program.


If you have already used the Windows version of CPL-Calculation, you can export the data out of the Windows version (MPW) into the online version (MPO). For this purpose please follow the instruction on "MPW => MPO Data Export".

By clicking on a link you will be forwarded immediatley to the respective step of configuration:


If you do not want to read all the instructions given on this page, please consider the following issues while setting up the program. Otherwise you could face some problems in creating offers.

If you have not exported data out of the Windows version, please consider the following as well:

Editing the master data


Please go to the settings using the main menu in the right upper corner of the page. Make sure the master data provided there are complete.
Click on the green button "Update" to save any changes. 

Administrating and creating users

If you want to create new users, please choose "User Management" in the dropdown menu of the tab "General". Click on the green button "Create user" to go on.

Insert the user data and click on the button "Generate" to create a password for the user account. Please pass on this password to the new user. Alternatively the new user can use the "Forgot password" feature to receive an email in the given mail account. 

You have to insert a valid email adress to create a new user.
Make sure that the user name is not existing in the system.

 Determining VAT rate and currency display

In the section "Taxes and Currency" you can add a VAT rate and change the currency displayed by the program.

Determining purchase discounts and selling surcharges

On the tab discount rates you can determine your purchase discounts and if needed surcharges for the different discount groups.

For discounts please add a minus in front of the respective amount.

Defining hourly rates, fees and surcharges in the section Accessories 

In the tab "Accessory prices" please define hourly rates for accessories as well as engine inspection fees or classification of accessories and surcharges for paint used. 
Fees may vary depending on the country.


efining hourly rates in the section Service

In the tab Service prices please enter hourly rates for the respective services. 

Fees and additional services may very depending on the country.


The "WertMobi" field controls the mobility guarantee for Dacia.

Whereas the surcharge in the windows version of CPL was still inserted as an amount in Euro, now the surcharge is inserted in hours. So if you enter the value "0,3" the price of 0,3 hours "Mechanic - normal (M0)" is added, i.e. 30% of the entered hourly rate of "Mechanic - normal (M0)".

In most cases, a value of 0,3 for the field "ValueMobi" has proven itself.

Much higher values can lead to significantly exaggerated prices for the Dacia maintenance.

Determining the prices of service parts

In the section "Service Parts" you can enter the individual prices of your service parts (lubricants, engine oils, ...) Please insert the purchase price in the left, the retail price in the right column.

The first column "Part number" (#) is automatically occupied by the program and cannot be changed. The fields of the other columns can be modified at your discretion.

If you use parts which are registrated in DMS or in the price list, it is sufficient to insert the respective SP number in the column "PartNr". (Please make sure that the SP numbers match the part numbers used in DMS and/or the price lists.)
By clicking on the blue button "Import Prices" at the bottom of the page the description, purchase and retail prices are updated out of DMS.

If you use individual parts, please enter description, purchase and retail prices on your own. 


Make sure that the dots in front of the service parts you use are

If the dot in the row of a service part is red, the program doesn't include this part when you want to make an offer!

Just click on the dot to change its colour.

For example: If you want to perform an oil change, there must be at least one green dot in front of an engine oil. Otherwise, the program doesn't place an engine oil at your disposal when you want to make an offer.

If you don't want a service part to be displayed while making offers (e.g. if you only use five different engine oil and you do not fill the sixth an seventh row of engine oils), set the dots in those rows from green to red.


With the edit buttonbehind the article number you can assign the oil standards.

This assignment takes into account the data that are supplied to the MPO via the REP interface from Renault.

With this information, MPO selects the right oil for the engine.

The information about which standard complies with which oil can be obtained from the oil manufacturer or it can be found on the packaging.

See also our How-To article: OIL standards
Defining country fees

Should specific country charges apply in your country (e.g. disposal costs or surcharges for small parts) you will find the settings on the tab country charges.

You can enter a minimum and maximum percentage. The fee will primarily be calculated due to the percentage, i.e. the fee ist the percentage of the costs of the price. Would the fee be lower than the minimum value, it would automatically be added on top of it.

Example: There are disposal costs for a part, that costs 100€. The minimum value is set on 2,20€, the maximum value is set on 20€, the percentage is set on 2%. Actually 2% of 100€ would be due. Since this amount is under the minimum of 2,20€, the fee will be raised to the minimum value of 2,20€.

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